• "Sexting, so what, everyone is doing it. I just didn’t realise my so-called friends would make those pics go viral!"
  • "It’s amazing to be going out with a guy in his 20s. I just wish he wouldn’t make me do all those things with him and his mates. "
  • "I didn't know that what was happening to me was wrong. I wish I could have made it stop."
  • "Seeing my images everywhere online made me feel so embarrassed. "

The Jigsaw Programme is an education programme working towards the prevention of exploitative relationships of young people. There are three strands to the programme: Jigsaw Education, Jigsaw Training, and Jigsaw Creative Courses.

Since September 2011 we have worked with over 200 schools and organisations across Norfolk and have impacted 20,637 children, young people, parents, carers and professionals through our workshops and training programmes.

We can tailor the sessions to include specific topics you’d find relevant for us to cover. We visit schools, youth groups, care homes and other settings and can deliver sessions during the daytime or the evening.

Watch our film to learn more about our education services

Watch our film to learn more about our education services

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