We offer a preventative education programme, which can be delivered across a range of settings to young people from age 7 to 18. These interactive sessions provide age-appropriate key safeguarding messages around internet safety, grooming online and offline, sexting,  healthy relationships, exploitation and how to stay safe.

Top Tips

Privacy settings:

Do you know who is looking at your profile on Facebook or other sites? To make sure only your friends are looking at your information then change your privacy settings.

Personal Information:

How much of your personal information do you display online? Its best to keep your address, e-mail, phone numbers and IM links off your profile pages as you don’t know who could be looking at your page.

Who are you talking to?

If you’ve met people online but not in reality then think about what you say and do whilst you’re chatting or communicating online. Some people lie about who they are and can use information on your profile page to pretend that they have a lot in common with you. Basically if you don’t know who they are then think twice about talking to them. If you ever decide to meet up with someone you’ve only ever chatted to online then meet in a public space and take an adult with you who can be with you or very nearby in case there’s a problem.

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

A lot of young people like to add anyone to their profiles on Facebook just to see how many people they can have. Be careful if you do this. You have no idea if they really are who they say they are. Its best to keep your friends to people you really do know so your information is only available to people who you really can trust.



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