What Is The ROSE Campaign?

The ROSE Campaign is a Norfolk based organisation which has been up and running since June 2013. We support young people as well as women who are at risk of sexual exploitation, offering help, advice, and support both by actively seeking out those at risk, and by providing support through drop ins, a helpline and […]

Understanding Privacy Settings: Keeping Things Private Online

However you use the internet, you need to be aware of how privacy settings work, basic internet safety methods and how public your messages are. On social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as online forums, you can share as little (or as much) personal information as you want to. If you […]

Prostitution: Should It Be Legal?

The prostitution laws in the UK are really complicated.While it is technically legal to work as a prostitute, the circumstances need to be very specific to avoid it becoming a criminal offence. It is, for example, legal to work as a prostitute alone and indoors, but if there are two or more sex workers operating […]