Complaints Policy

When something goes wrong we want to hear about it from you so we can improve our service. Equally if there is something we have done well we’d like to know about it.

Step 1

Often complaints can be solved by speaking to the person directly about it.


Step 2

If you cannot speak to the person or you are still unhappy after you’ve spoken to them then please send in your complaint to the main office or email it in.

The Magdalene Group
61 King Street


We will talk to you about how long it will take us to solve your complaint and keep you up to date.


Step 3

If after this you still feel unhappy then the complaint can be sent to a more senior member of staff.


Step 4

If you feel the response still isn’t right then you can write to the Chair of Trustees who will look into the matter at the next trustees meeting.


If you’d like to see a copy of the full complaints policy please contact us.