Safety Advice

Your safety is paramount and we can help you with:

    • General safety information and advice to be aware of when working
    • Reporting procedures
    • Free personal alarms
    • Access to specialist services

UKNSWP – Safety advice booklet for sex workers in the UK:


National Ugly Mugs Scheme (NUM)

Doorway is signed up to the local Ugly Mugs Scheme which is part of the National Ugly Mugs Scheme enabling sex-workers to report crimes committed against them.

The Doorway team can support you to report any violence or worrying incidents; you can do this over the phone (freephone) or in person. The scheme allows for anonymous reporting if preferred.

We would encourage reporting of any behaviour that you feel is unacceptable and causes you concern; attacks and abuse are frightening and we want to ensure you are listened to and supported.

Remember to write down any details about the incident or the attacker as soon as you can.

On completing an Ugly Mugs report an alert is created that is then sent out to sex-workers and sex-worker projects that are signed up to the scheme to warn them of potential dangers or attackers.

Doorway provides updates on alerts locally, particularly to those who may not be signed up through outreach and netreach.

NUM can also share details of the incident with police but will only do this with explicit consent from the victim and it will be anonymous.

Visit the NUM website and sign up or ask one of the Doorway team for more info.