New Website, New Branding – Same Commitment

Welcome to Doorway Women’s Services brand new website – showcasing our dedication to supporting women working in sex work, prostitution and the adult industry in Norfolk. We are part of The Magdalene Group, who have been working in the field of sexual exploitation for twenty years and as such have a wealth of experience in the area.

Doorway Women’s Services have recently undergone a brand make-over and we’ve improved our online presence with an up-to-date design and made sure you’ll find it as easy as possible to find what you’re looking for on our website.

So what does Doorway actually do? Doorway is committed to working with the women of Norfolk involved in sex work, whether it be on the streets, online or as a result of trafficking. Our services include our Outreach team, support workers online and at the end of the phone, drop-in sessions and workshops.

Doorway 3

The Outreach team visit the red light district of Norwich to offer practical help and advice person-to-person, warm clothes, personal alarms, condoms or just a hot drink and a friendly face. Our drop-in sessions offer access to support workers who are trained to help with a wide range of issues like addiction, sexual health, domestic abuse, housing or financial issues. The drop-ins run three times a week and also provide a women only space where working women can meet and build friendships and support networks. The Doorway team also offer a Befriending service to those who feel in need of more intensive support, to improve self-esteem and reduce feelings of isolation. This service extends to women serving prison sentences too and a dedicated drop-in for trafficked women also runs once a week.

For women who want to access our services but are not ready to meet face-to-face or cannot make it to the centre, we have a helpline which is free and completely confidential, or our support workers can chat live online via our website. Women’s Services Coordinator, Siobhan Ashwell comments “The door is always open here for women working in the adult industry that need practical or emotional support. Anything from condoms and sexual health information to a cup of tea and a tax form.”

Doorway is here to provide access to support, help or just a friendly and understanding face for the women of Norfolk working in sex work. Please take a minute to visit our new website to read more about what we offer, and support us and the work we do by liking our Facebook page, Doorway Women’s Services, and following us on Twitter @DoorwayWS.