Tips for online sex workers to stay safe online

Providing a wealth of information, access to specialist resources and a platform to advertise your services, the internet is one of the most powerful tools for anyone working in the sex trade and is one of the most important platforms for women working in the industry.

Though the internet provides a huge amount of opportunity for finding clients and accessing support and relevant services, it’s not without its dangers. Anyone working on the web needs to be aware of the specific risks involved with online sex work and what they can do to keep themselves safe at all times.

Vetting customers

If you use the web to find customers, taking the time to vet them is essential if you want to keep yourself safe.

If you’ve got in contact with a client via a forum, check how long it takes them to reply to messages and check for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

If there are lots of mistakes it might mean that they’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs so perhaps should be avoided at that specific time.

Use specialist sites

An increasing number of specialist sites have been set up in the last few years to cater to both sex workers and customers. These sites provide reviews, photos and price lists, helping to ensure that the client knows exactly what to expect before you meet.

Some of these sites and mobile apps also offer a variety of payment options. Though some may take a percentage of your earnings, this will ensure you get paid for the work you do.

Specialist software

If you do webcam shows over the internet, clients can set specialist devices up to record your session. This video can then be widely distributed without your permission and could end up all over the web.

There is specialist software available to prevent this, so if it’s a concern for you it might be worth making the investment.

Check forums

As well as being a good place to find clients, forums are great for contacting other people working in the industry.

A lot of people working in the sex industry use forums to warn other women of violent clients, share health information and swap tips.

Not only can this be incredibly useful for people who are new to the industry, it can help to keep you safe, so make sure you check relevant forums on regular basis.

Contact specialist organisations

If you need any more information about working online, staying safe, keeping healthy or anything else to do with sex work, there are lots of specialist sites online you can get in touch with.

Organisations like Doorway Women’s Services have lots of information, resources and support available, so if there’s anything you need a little help with, get in touch today on 0808 800 1030 or start a live chat.