Support us by organising a Fundraising Event

We are delighted that you have chosen The Magdalene Group as the benefactor of your fundraising event. We appreciate that event planning and organising can be daunting – but we are here to give you a helping hand with valuable tips and guidelines for the success of your event.

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Fundraising Pack

Find out more about how to organise a fundraising event by downloading our fundraising pack


Top Tips

Make it easy and simple – tombolas, raffles and collection tins at an event can make a big difference to the total amount of money raised.

Do plan your budget and stick to it!

Try and keep costs as low as possible, you will be surprised at the number of businesses and individuals that will offer things for free – just ask.

Make sure everyone involved in organising the event has a clearly defined role, you could go one step further and give badges with job titles and remember everyone should be working to a deadline date.

Do make sure that you are fundraising legally and safely! We can send you a copy of guidelines, if you have any concerns.

Make sure that everyone who has helped gets a big thank you and make sure to tell them how much has been raised. We like to make a list of people as we go along, so no-one gets left out.