From EVAW Coalition :

Today on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, join us in taking action for women's rights!

Here's how you can get involved over the 16 days of activism.

As the government prepares to bring back the so-called 'Bill of Rights' (the Rights Removal Bill), stand with us and our sisters at Rights of Women, Southall Black Sisters, the Centre for Women's Justice and defend our rights to live free from violence!

Over the next 16 days, we'll be sharing why our Human Rights Act is so critical to ending violence against women - from holding the police accountable for failing rape survivors, to securing housing for domestic abuse survivors, to protecting your right to protest - and why we must all resist this attempt to take away our hard won rights. We can stop them, but it will take all of us!

Since the Online Safety Bill was put on pause, we’ve been busy calling on the new government to make sure it returns and that when it does, it addresses violence against women and girls!

As we gear up for the Bill's return to Parliament in December, join us in calling on the new Prime Minister to make sure women and girls are protected online.

Did you know that the police are routinely trying to access notes taken by counsellors and therapists during sessions with rape survivors?

And that these notes can be read by the police, prosecutors, defence lawyers and even the person who raped them – all to try and find something that could make them look untrustworthy?

Counselling is a space to explore feelings and heal from trauma. It is not a place to establish the facts of a case. This is yet another form of institutional victim-blaming that survivors face throughout the justice system.

We’ve all seen reporting that reinforces harmful attitudes and beliefs and normalises violence against women. But a good piece of journalism has the power to expose the inequality that drives this violence, get us thinking about what we tolerate as a society and why, and spark change.

That's why we’ve teamed up with Zero Tolerance to recognise journalists and writers whose work challenges victim-blaming, reflects the root causes of male violence against women, raises awareness of support available, centres survivors’ voices, and is inclusive and intersectional.

The EVAW Coalition Team