Once signed up all you need to do is start your shopping journey at the Easyfundraising website, use the browser extension or app (information will be provided when you register) and the retailer you shop with will send us a free donation based on how much you spend

With the cost of living impacting everyone, this isn’t about asking you to spend more, but to make you aware that if you are making an on-line purchase anyway that by using Easyfundraising you can give to us at the same time and at no additional cost to you. So please support us if you can by registering yourself today at http://efraising.org/o71MvyrobR it only takes 2 minutes and all you need is your email address.

Please also share with your friends and family if they would also like to help!

PLUS - to help us get up and running, for a limited time only, we have been offered an additional incentive! For the next two weeks Easyfundraising will give us £1 for every new supporter if we can get a minimum of 10 signed up with no upper limit, so 10 = £10, 20 = £20 and so on - so now is the ideal time to do it.

Register here today: http://efraising.org/o71MvyrobR