Wellbeing in the Workplace

Thank you for inviting the Wellbeing Service to provide a Wellbeing Workshop to your team, we hope you found the workshop useful.

I really enjoyed meeting you and your team on the day and please do pass on my thanks to everyone who attended and for participating so openly – thank you!

We would like to share the experiences of organisations in our communities who are using our services. This helps us to raise awareness of the workshops that we are offering and the benefits to the people who attend them.

I have typed up the ‘Post-It notes’ feedback I collected on the day :

• Enjoyed the humour! Would have liked to use the workbook a bit.
• Useful. Excellent. Great speaker!
• Very enjoyable. Helped me to minimise stress levels.
• Mark was really excellent – he ‘normalised’ emotions and feelings that we may be fearful of or embarrassed about and I feel more empowered to own the process
and make a change to look after myself.
• Informative but not too heavy.
• Very useful food for thought – thank you. ?
• Fantastic trainer. Felt really at ease. Challenging and positive. Will definitely try to implement some of these strategies.
• Very personable. Nice way to end (meditation). Pitched at the right level for a workplace.
• Mark explained things in a clear, understandable and relatable way. He also made us feel very comfortable. ?