After Effects for Sex Workers and Impact on Future Relationships

Whatever a person’s reasons are for entering the sex industry, many don’t think about the long term consequences of working in the profession. In many cases, the after effects for sex workers can be considerable, affecting everything from their health to their future relationships.

What to do after an attack – Help and Who To Turn To

Though it’s something none of us like to think about, knowing what to do after an attack is important for everyone working in the sex industry. More than half of the women working in the industry have been raped or seriously sexually assaulted and at least three quarters have suffered a violent physical attack.

September 10th – World Suicide Prevention Day

The subject of suicide is one that’s often ignored by the media. Seen as a personal tragedy, many people affected by suicide or who are considering taking their own lives don’t know where to turn to get the help they need. The added pressure, stress and dangers of sex work places women involved with the industry at a higher risk.

Time to Tackle Trafficking

With several high profile cases hitting the headlines in recent years, trafficking has become an important political issue and the government has been forced to take action to tackle it.