Violence in teenage relationships: you’re not alone

‘I know he loves me’ ‘She doesn’t mean it’ ‘It’s because they’re stressed’ ‘It won’t happen again’ ‘He didn’t mean it’ These are the sorts of excuses used to defend an abusive partner from probing questions. It might be that you’ve not said them, but you’ve thought them to justify something that your boyfriend or […]

The Truth Behind Sexting

We live in a digital age. You’ll have grown up texting, posting photos online, and letting your friends know what you’re doing through social media updates. It’s normal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every aspect of this is healthy or sensible. We’re always contactable, and because you can send messages instantaneously, sometimes we might […]

The Facts and Figures Behind Child Sexual Exploitation

Sometimes it’s easy to think that something is only happening to you. It’s difficult to talk about because it’s completely isolating. You can be surrounded by people, but you’re hiding behind a wall so you can’t connect with them. You’ve never felt more alone. Unfortunately child sexual exploitation is not a small scale problem. This […]

Understanding and stopping sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is a real problem today. While many may feel isolated and alone because of what has happened, threatened by the abuser or manipulated into feeling as though they should protect them, speaking out against the abuse is the only way to make sure someone knows what’s happen. Because of the nature of sexual […]