Prostitution: The Myths and The Facts

Prostitution is more common than many of us might realise and unfortunately, many of the young people and women involved are there involuntarily. Many of those who are working in the sex trade are involved before they can legally consent to sex, and they have been coerced or manipulated into a position which they find […]

Revenge Porn and the Media: The Call For Change

We have already talked about the growing revenge porn trend, but there’s plenty more we could say on the topic. It’s also been in the news again recently. In case you missed our previous post, we’ll start with a definition. Revenge porn is the act of sharing sexual explicit images of your former partner publically […]

Understanding Sexual Consent

What is consent? Sexual consent is a mutual agreement which is verbal, physical and emotional. It is also an absolutely vital part of any sexual relationship. By consent you are saying that you’re both happy to continue, and you both feel comfortable. Consent can be given but it can also be taken away. Sometimes this […]

Murdered By My Boyfriend: The Shocking Realities Of Domestic Violence

Do you have an image in your head of what makes the ‘typical’ domestic violence victim? As in transpires, many of us do. We have an idea of what the perpetrator is like too. But the thing is, there’s not a typical victim – or a typical perpetrator. It can affect anyone. One in four […]