Staying Safe Online: Chat Rooms, Social Media And More

Your laptop and your mobile phone give you countless ways to communicate with people all over the world. From the internet, to texting and apps, communication is growing easier all the time. Technology is now so simple and so affordable that most of us have access to the web, whenever and wherever we want it. […]

Staying Safe When You’re Out And About

Who doesn’t love going out? This could be house parties or club nights, concerts or festivals – we all like our freedom. But whether you’re going on a night out or to a party, there are lots of potential problems you could run into. To prevent a great night out turning into a nightmare, it’s […]

Keeping Safe During Webcam Conversations

The digital age is what we’ve grown up with. We’re used to being able to connect with friends and family easily and quickly, no matter where they are in the world. Because this sort of technology has only been around for a relatively short time, safety advice isn’t as clear or readily available as perhaps […]

A Parent’s Guide To: Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation (often abbreviated to CSE) isn’t something any parent wants to think about. Sometimes the signs can go unnoticed. If you do think something might be happening, you might not know how to help protect your child. Spotting the signs Sexual abuse happens when a young person is forced or persuaded to take […]