What you should know about child trafficking and sexual abuse

Maybe you watch the news or follow stories on Twitter or Facebook, if so you’ve probably heard the phrases ‘child trafficking’ and ‘sexual abuse’ quite a bit over the last few years. Though a lot of the time these news stories are talking about women and children brought to the UK from other countries, there […]

What should you do if you’re worried about a friend?

For many of us, our friends are the people we see every day. The people we talk to first thing in the morning or text last thing at night, the ones we have fun with, go out with and grow up with. So if you have a friend that you think is going down the […]

New Revenge Porn Laws Are Coming Into Effect But What Do They Mean?

The topic of revenge porn has been given a lot of air time in the media, thanks to campaigners like Polly Neate, chief executive of the Women’s Aid charity, and thankfully the laws governing revenge porn are finally going to be changed. Back in July we wrote about the new revenge porn laws, titled ‘Revenge […]

Young Boys are Groomed Online Too

When you read the papers or look online, it can be easy to think that it’s only teenage girls that are groomed by adults. And though cases of boys being targeted are less reported, they do happen and it’s important to be aware of the warning signs to ensure you or your friends don’t become […]

Celebrity iCloud Hack – Remember Once it’s Online it’s Online Forever

These days, we like to take photos all the time, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. From nights out to parties, new outfits to new boyfriends, pretty much everything we do gets snapped on a daily basis. Though this is a great way to document life, share memories and stay connected with friends, uploading, texting […]