Child sexual exploitation around the country: How does Norfolk compare?

Recent months have seen a big increase in the general public’s awareness of child sexual exploitation. From the high profile cases in Rotherham and Oxford to the recent Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day, the issue is being talked about more now than ever before.

Learning About Consent

If you’re at school now or have graduated in the last few years, you’ll already know that everyone aged 11 and over will have lessons on sex education.

National CSE Awareness Day 18th March 2015

Held on the 18th March, National CSE Awareness Day is an opportunity for organisations working to prevent CSE and support those affected by it to come together, share their knowledge and plan a course of action for the coming year.

If you find it, report it: How Google is helping in the fight against child sexual exploitation

International tech giants like Google are beginning to realise that they can play a big role in the protection of children. As a result they are creating new policies and user guidelines aimed at tackling the issue and making the internet safer.