Celebrities Suffer Too – Sexually Exploited Stars

Though it may not feel like it right now, you can overcome the trauma of CSE and go on to live the life you want. In fact, a lot of people have already done just that, battling through CSE and going on to achieve a variety of incredible things.

Runaways – facts, figure and friendly faces to turn to

Because abusers use clever tactics, have lots of patience and know exactly what they want, almost any young person can become a victim of CSE, no matter what sort of background they come from.

When and how should parents talk to young people about CSE?

For many parents, talking to their children about sex is difficult at the best of times. Discussing tough issues like child sexual exploitation and grooming can feel almost impossible. However, talking about CSE is incredibly important for both parents and their children.

Life After CSE

For young people who have recently been affected by Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), the future doesn’t always feel that bright. The emotional and physical wounds they’ve suffered are still incredibly painful and getting their lives back on track can seem like a big challenge. However, life does go on and with the right support young people can rebuild their lives and go on to have happy, fulfilling and exciting futures.