Recovery – the Reality, the Results and the Road to Freedom

Sexual exploitation is a very difficult thing for anyone to deal with, let alone a child or young person. Coping with the trauma, flashbacks, guilt and long term emotional impact of the abuse can be very difficult for young people, and you’ll need a lot of help and support if you’re going to overcome the past and go on to enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.

Parenting a Sexually Exploited Child

Finding out that your child has been sexually exploited is not easy. In order to provide the care, understanding and safe environment a sexually exploited child needs, parents need to educate themselves about how CSE can impact a child and how young people feel after abuse.

Males Matter Too – Boys & Sexual Exploitation

A lot of people assume that it’s only girls who are the victims by child sexual exploitation but in reality, a lot of men and boys are also affected by CSE. Exploited by older men and women, these male victims of child sexual exploitation are often overlooked.

Dispelling the Myth that the Abused Will Become the Abuser

One of the most common myths that you hear when talking about child sexual exploitation is that young people who are abused go on to become abusers themselves. As abusers come from all walks of life this will occasionally happen, but it is not true that everyone who is abused will go on to exploit other young people when they grow up.