Back to School Series 3 – Is There Enough Education on CSE in School?

One of the best ways to prevent child sexual exploitation and stop predators from grooming young people, is to educate pupils in schools about the dangers of CSE. So is there enough education on CSE in schools in the UK and what else could the government be doing to help keep young people safe from CSE?

Back to School Series 1 – Making Schools a Safe Sanctuary

If a young person is being groomed by people planning to exploit them, the sooner that they get help and support, the better. If you’re a teacher returning to work for the new term, watch out for these warning signs and help keep your pupils out of harm’s way.

Back to School Series 1 – Starting High School – Sex, Smartphones and Sexting

Starting high school is a turning point in all young people’s lives. Surrounded by older pupils and on the cusp of becoming young adults themselves, the change between primary and secondary school can be a big one.

Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships – Know the Difference

If you haven’t had much experience of relationships before, knowing the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy relationship can be difficult.