Reuniting Runaways – Return Home Interviews Explained

Whether you live with your parents, extended family or in care, returning home after you’ve run away can feel a little bit scary. When a young person chooses to return home after running away, there are a few different steps that the social services will take in order to protect the young person and make sure that they are not at risk. One of these steps is the Return Home Interview.

It Doesn’t Feel Right – But Is It Exploitation?

Sexual exploitation can happen in a lot of different situations. In some cases, a young person will be violently threatened or forced into an uncomfortable situation. However in other cases, the exploitation can be less obvious. Young people can form relationships with friends, older relatives and even classmates that at first feel OK, but then develop into something that’s more scary, uncomfortable and even dangerous.

Parents Tackling Tough Topics – How To Explain What A Paedophile Is

Protecting children from harm is one of the basic instincts any parent has. Most parents would prefer that their children didn’t have to think about the dangers of paedophiles. However, in order to keep them safe, teaching them about paedophilia, grooming and exploitation is one of life’s most uncomfortable lessons parents must teach.

Why we Should All Celebrate World Mental Health Day – October 10th

World Mental Health Day 2015 aims to raise awareness of mental health problems. Mental health is something that is still misunderstood by many. People with mental health problems are often shown as strange or dangerous in films and on TV and mental health is not generally talked about in schools, homes or the media.

The Trouble with Tinder for Teens

Tinder is one of the best known dating apps in the UK. Although most people are aware of Tinder’s popularity among adults, what many don’t realise is that the age limit for the app is just 13.