The Positive Side of Technology and CSE

All too often, when we talk about technology and child sexual exploitation, we’re talking about apps, social media sites and file sharing programmes that put young people at risk and make it easier for grown ups and older teenagers to contact and exploit them. However, there is another side of technology that is much more positive and more useful.

Magdalene Group Crowned Winners of Best Christian Website

Because we’re so proud of our site and the work we do, it was all the more special to be crowned the winners of the Best Christian Website in the recent Norfolk Christian Digital Communication Awards. Recognising the hard work and effort our team have put in to building and maintaining our site, this award is an important achievement for all of the Magdalene Group team.

Losing Your Virginity

When you’re a teenager, it often feels like the only thing anyone ever talks about is sex. Often, young people begin to feel pressured into sex, especially if their friends have become sexually active or if they hang around with older people or have an older partner. To make sure that you don’t do something you’ll regret later, read this short guide on virginity and taking the next step in your relationship.