Coronation Street CSE storyline

We recently looked at how British soaps have been raising awareness of CSE and helping the public to better understand the issue. A number of the soaps have recently run storylines focusing on CSE, consent and other topics that are relevant to young people and exploitation and it’s already got viewers around the country talking about the issues involved.

CSE and Sexual Consent Storylines in the Soaps

The better the public understands child sexual exploitation and the issues that surround it, the easier it is for organisations, teachers, parents and young people to spot the warnings signs and stay safe. Though stories in the news are good for raising awareness, one of the best ways to inform and educate people about CSE is to create relevant storylines in the soaps. Millions of people watch soaps every day, with everyone from teenagers to grandparents tuning into their favourite show.

CSE Awareness Day is on it’s Way!

This year, CSE Awareness Day will be held on the 18th March. A fantastic opportunity for groups involved in the fight against CSE to raise awareness, improve understanding and reach out to young people affected by the issue, CSE Awareness Day is a very important date in our calendar.

Safer Internet Day – 7th February

These days, pretty much all young people have access to the internet. Whether it’s through a smartphone, iPod touch, tablet computer or home PC, most young people and teenagers now get online almost every day. In fact, teenagers now spend more time online than they do watching TV, making the internet the most popular form of home entertainment for young people in the UK.

Yellow App – Is It Safe?

Labelled as ‘Tinder for teens’ by the NSPCC, Yellow is fast becoming one of the most popular apps among teens and young people. Linked to Snapchat, the app is laid out in a similar way to Tinder and allows users to swipe left or right depending on if they like the look of the person they’re presented with or not.

Tips for Staying Safe This Halloween

When people wear masks and costumes, it often makes them feel more confident. A lot of people feel bold, courageous and even invisible when they’re dressed up in as something spooky, with the parties and get togethers that take place at this time of year adding to the sense of excitement.

Our Annual Report in 60 Seconds

Every year we work incredibly hard to offer help, support and advice to as many young people as possible. Through a range of programmes and services, we aim to educate young people about CSE, offer support to young people affected by the issue and raise awareness of child sexual exploitation wherever possible. If you’re interested in the vital work the Rose Project does, take a look at our 60-second rundown of what we’ve achieved over the last twelve months

How to explain the dangers of sexting to kids and teens

Though parents have always had to be vigilant about who their children are friends with and who they’re talking to, these days smart phones, apps and the internet make it even harder to keep track of who kids are hanging out with.

National Working Group CSE Conference

Recently, the National Working Group held an important conference on the issue in Nottingham. A vital opportunity for professionals and related organisations to get together to talk, share ideas and come up with new strategies for the future, the conference is one of the most important dates in our calendar.

National CSE Awareness Day

For anyone whose life has been touched in any way by child sexual exploitation, the 18th March is an important day. As National CSE Awareness Day, it gives charities, organisations and individuals the opportunity to talk about CSE and ensure as many people as possible are better educated and better informed about the issue.