Everyone can help raise awareness of CSE – You, me and the Prime Minister

Even if you’re not old enough to vote or politics isn’t really your thing, you’ll have still noticed that the nation was in the grip of election fever for most of May.

And whether you agree with what you might of heard the party leaders promising in the press and talking about on TV – one thing we can all agree on is that young need to be protected from sexual exploitation no matter where in the country they live.

Following several high profile cases of child sexual exploitation in the last few years, the public are more aware than ever of its devastating effects and of growing concerns about it taking place throughout the country. And if new PM David Cameron really wants to help the country’s young people just like you, your friends or someone you might know, he needs to raise awareness of CSE as quickly as possible. Whether you or your families agree with his promises or policies he is in a real position of power and the more people that show they’re committed about helping young people stay away from, or deal with the consequences of CSE, the better.

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Why is it important to raise awareness of CSE?

Though there were a lot of factors that contributed to the cases of CSE in the highly publicised Rotherham and Manchester cases, a lack of awareness from the police, social services, schools and parents played a big part.

If they don’t understand CSE and how abusers target and groom young people, the organisations and individuals who are supposed to protect young people won’t be able to do their jobs effectively.

By raising awareness of CSE, David Cameron can help to ensure that the police, social services and schools, even your school, can get the help and support that they need to stop it. Increased awareness in the media will also help you identity the danger signs of CSE and get help as quickly as possible.

How can David Cameron help raise awareness of CSE?

There are lots of ways that David Cameron can help to raise awareness of CSE. From discussing the subject in parliament to talking to the media, the Prime Minister can easily, quickly and effectively get the public talking about CSE and how to prevent it.

Around the country, organisations like the Rose Project are already working incredibly hard to try to stop young people being abused, any support the Prime Minister can offer will help us to achieve our goals and keep the county’s young people a little safer.

And if David Cameron wants to help, our door is always open to discuss what the government can do to raise awareness and stop CSE!

An incredibly important issue whether you read the papers or followed the election campaign, child sexual exploitation affects young people across the country. If you want to find out what you can do to help, or are worried about CSE, get in touch with the Rose Project on 0808 800 1037, our Freephone, confidential helpline.