Help Give A Victim of CSE a New Start for the New Year

For most people across the UK, Christmas is the perfect chance to relax, unwind and spend a bit of quality time with the people they care about the most. Whether they are spending the festive period with family or friends, many see the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve as the ideal opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months and look forward to the year ahead.

As well as being a good time to plan for your own future, New Year is also a great time for helping others. People and businesses throughout the UK often put money aside to give to good causes to start the new year of feeling good and help charities to achieve their goals and help even more people in the year ahead.

Like many charities across the country, The Rose Project relies on donations to fund the work we do throughout the year. The generous support that we receive during the season of good will help fund a number of our projects, helping us to help young people get their lives back on track.

Our projects

The Rose Project works on a number of fronts to protect young people from child sexual exploitation and to help those who have been affected by CSE to reclaim their lives and get themselves out of dangerous situations.

One of the main ways that we help young people affected by CSE is to offer them support, guidance and information about the issue and make them aware of the help that’s available to them. In many cases, we work with a young person one on one, befriending them and getting to know them in an effort to gain their trust and help them to help themselves.

As well as working with young people directly, we also provide information to schools, parents and youth groups in order to improve understanding of CSE and ensure young people have a strong support network to fall back on.

Supporting Rose

If you’d like to support the Rose Project, there are lots of ways to get involved and make a real difference to the work we do.

As well as donating money and fundraising, supporters can also make a big difference by following us on Twitter and Facebook and helping us to spread the word about CSE.

The more we talk about the issue and the better informed the public is about CSE, the more support young people affected by the issue will have. As more and more people understand CSE and the issues associated with it, the easier it will be to create a society with a zero tolerance policy on child sexual exploitation.

To find out more or to start following us on Facebook and Twitter today and help us spread the word to help end the suffering.