Magdalene Group are delighted to be chosen by East of England Co-op as part of their Community Token Scheme

For organisations like The Magdalene Group, donations and fundraising are incredibly important. Without the generosity of the public, local companies and charitable groups, we simply wouldn’t be able to keep supporting local young people affected by sexual exploitation.

Any support that The Magdalene Group receives is hugely appreciated, that’s why we’re delighted that the East of England Co-op has selected us for their Community Token Scheme. Helping to bring in vital funds and raise awareness of our work, the scheme will help The Magdalene Group provide help and support where it’s most needed.


What is the Community Token Scheme?

As the East of England Co-op is dedicated to helping charities and good causes in the local area, they pick a selection of organisations every three months to be part of the scheme.

Each charity chosen will have a collection box placed in a number of stores around the area. Every time an East of England Co-op member shops with the store, they receive a token that they can place in the charity box of their choice.

At the end of the period, the tokens are counted and the £1,000 fund divided between the chosen charities.

How can you get involved?

By becoming a member of the East of England Co-op and shopping in their local stores, you’ll have the chance to donate your own token to The Magdalene Group.

As well as giving you the chance to support local charities through the Community Token Scheme, joining the East of England Co-op will allow you to become part of a group that is constantly working to invest in the local community.

How else can you support The Magdalene Group?

If you’ve made a donation through the Community Token Scheme but still want to do more to help the vital work of The Magdalene Group, there are plenty of ways to get involved and show your support.

From donating directly to the group to volunteering your time, skills and expertise to help women and young people in need, anything you can do to help will be appreciated by us and by the people we support.

If you’ve been affected by sexual exploitation or know someone who has, get in touch with The Magdalene Group or the Rose Project today by calling our free, confidential hot-line on 0808 800 1037 and find out how we can help.