Males Matter Too – Boys & Sexual Exploitation


Recent news stories have made the public much more aware of CSE and how common it is across the country. However, as most of the victims in the recent high profile cases were female, a lot of people assume that it’s only girls who are the victims by child sexual exploitation.

In reality, a lot of men and boys are also affected by CSE. Exploited by older men and women, these male victims of child sexual exploitation are often overlooked.

Sexual exploitation of young men and boys

A recent survey carried out by University College London and NatCen, found that of the 9,042 children and young people affected by child sexual exploitation who have been supported by Barnardo’s since 2008, 1 in 3 were male.

Though most organisations were aware that boys could also be the victims of CSE, few had realised just how many were affected by the issue. With males potentially making up around a third of CSE victims, talking about the issue and supporting the young people affected is more important then ever.

How abusers target young men and boys

The methods that abusers use to target men and boys can be very different from those they use to target girls.


Older men may look out for boys who are curious about their sexuality, using their emotional confusion to take advantage of them and control them. Other abusers may try to find a common interest with their intended victim, using gaming, sports or outdoor activities to gain their target’s trust and begin to build a relationship.

It’s not just men who are the abusers

Though the majority of the people arrested and convicted for child sexual exploitation are men, in reality, a number of women are responsible for CSE too.

Older women many try to groom young males, making them think they’re in a relationship with them before taking advantage of them. Often these women are in positions of trust, using their status and access to groom their victims and exploit them.

Help and support

Whether you’re male or female, if you’ve been affected by child sexual exploitation, there is a lot of specialist help available. Ensuring you get the support you need to escape the situation you’re in and get your life back on track, the Rose Project will support you every step of the way and help you access the resources you need to get your life back.

To find out more, get in touch with the Rose Project today on 0808 800 1037.