National Working Group CSE Conference

The only way we’re going to improve the lives of young people affected by CSE, change laws to protect vulnerable children and make life harder for would-be abusers, is to raise awareness of the issue. The more people that know about CSE and that understand it, the easier it will be to update laws and legislation and keep young people out of danger.

Recently, the National Working Group held an important conference on the issue in Nottingham. A vital opportunity for professionals and related organisations to get together to talk, share ideas and come up with new strategies for the future, the conference is one of the most important dates in our calendar.

The conference

This year’s conference was the third annual event organised by the National Working Group to discuss child sexual exploitation. In previous years, the conference has heard from speakers from a range of backgrounds and from several different countries.

Delegates have travelled from Africa, the Netherlands and America to speak at the event. This year the National Working Group Conference welcomed Tatiana Buianina from the International Center for Women Rights Protection and Promotion in Moldova, Richard Scorer from Gordon and Slater and Chief Constable Simon Bailey, NPCC Lead for Sexual Abuse as keynote speakers.


The third annual National Working Group Conference covered several themes. Attendees discussed how to improve education within school settings, deal with the impact of trauma on victims of CSE and discussed what can be done to prevent sexually harmful behaviour putting young people at risk.

Delegates also discussed how to work with offenders to stop them hurting more young people in the future, talked about the best ways to practically implement policies and guidelines and worked to find ways to tackle the growing problem of child trafficking and modern slavery.

By discussing these issues and bringing them out into the open, the people attending the conference will help to improve the public’s understanding of CSE and encourage more people to talk about the issue. Delegates at the conference were able to share ideas, experience and knowledge with other professionals working to stop CSE, something that’s incredibly important in our fight against child sexual exploitation.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by CSE, or you just want to find out more about keeping yourself, your friends or your children safe, have a look around our site or give us a call on 0808 800 1037.