New Apps on the Block – Safety Still Comes First

New Apps on the Block – Safety Still Comes First

In the world of social media, nothing stays the same for long. New apps are constantly hitting the market and keeping up to date with the latest and most popular networks can feel like a full time past time.

As many of the new social media networks around at the moment are aimed at young people, it’s important that you understand how they work and how you can stay safe when using them.


The Kleek app takes the highlights of Facebook and delivers them straight to your phone. You can choose to just see updates from selected contacts, letting you stay in touch with your closest friends every second of the day.


The app also lets you send messages to your chosen group, making it easy to arrange meet-ups, share content and get in touch.

As long as you only accept friends on Facebook that you know and trust in real life, Kleek is a pretty safe app to use. If someone you don’t know tries to add you, block them and consider reporting them to the administrators.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is a smartphone app that allows users to anonymously create and view “yaks” within a 10-mile radius.

As you don’t know the identity of the person you’re talking to, and anyone can contact you using the app, it is potentially dangerous. The fact that the people you’re talking to are all close by also means there’s a higher chance they may ask to meet you or that they’ll already know the school you go to or even some of your friends.

The best way to keep yourself safe when using the app is to make sure you never reveal any personal information including your phone number, address or name.


If you love taking selfies, the chances are that you’ve already heard of the Shots app. Allowing users to share selfies taken through the app, and exchange selfies in reply to messages, the app is most popular with young people and teenagers.

Sharing selfies with your friends is a fun way to interact. However, it’s important to ensure that you make sure your privacy settings stop strangers from contacting you and from seeing your photos.

If you’d like to find out more about keeping yourself safe online, check out the rest of our blog for safety advice for you, your friends and your family. If you’re worried about something or feel unsafe the first step is to report it then call our helpline for support on 0808 800 1037.