The Positive Side of Technology and CSE

All too often, when we talk about technology and child sexual exploitation, we’re talking about apps, social media sites and file sharing programmes that put young people at risk and make it easier for grown ups and older teenagers to contact and exploit them.

However, there is another side of technology that is much more positive and more useful. Making it easier for young people to get the help and support that they need, these apps and websites help to inform young people and teach them how to keep themselves and their friends safe from exploitation.

Wud U?

Specially created by children’s charity Barnardo’s, this award-winning app has been designed to educate young people about the dangers of CSE.

Free to download, the app aims to make young people aware of child sexual exploitation by showing them the behaviours that could put them at risk.

Perfect for schools and youth groups, Wud U? uses a series of illustrated stories and scenarios to present sensitive issues to young people. These situations can then be discussed in groups or one on one, with teachers, parents or youth leaders encouraging young people to think about the decisions that they would make if they were in the same position.

As well as helping young people to recognise the signs of grooming and exploitation, the app also offers advice about the decisions that the young people are making.

By working with the app, young people can build up an awareness of CSE and learn how to make safe, informed decisions. The app can also be a good way to educate professionals who work with children about issues related to CSE.


With more and more young people now owning a smartphone or internet enabled device of their own, it’s never been more important for useful and practical information to be online and easy to find.

Sites like the Rose Project use online technology to inform young people and to provide the help, support and information that they need, when they need it.

Easy to find from a smartphone, tablet computer or PC, our site has been specially designed to provide young people with the information that they need to stay safe and to help them find help and support to get themselves out of dangerous situations.

To find out more about how the Rose Project help those affected by CSE and help you stay safe online, check out the rest of our blog. If you’ve been affected by CSE call 0808 800 1037 today and talk to one of the friendly members of our team.