When and how should parents talk to young people about CSE?

For many parents, talking to their children about sex is difficult at the best of times. Discussing tough issues like child sexual exploitation and grooming can feel almost impossible.

However, talking about CSE is incredibly important for both parents and their children. By talking about the subject openly and honestly parents can make it easier for their children to turn to them if they’re worried about CSE and give young people the tools they need to keep themselves and their friends safe.

STOP CSE - National Child Exploitation Awareness Day (1)

At what age should you talk to young people about CSE?

Though all young people mature at different stages, in general it’s a good idea to begin talking to your children about sex and consent as they near puberty.

Most young will become naturally curious about their bodies around this time and will need information and guidance to understand the physical and psychological changes taking place.

By introducing ideas about consent you can begin to teach your children that they should never feel under pressure to do anything that they’re not comfortable with.

Though some parents may choose not to talk directly about sexual exploitation, you can still use this time to reinforce the idea that young people can say no whenever they what,no matter what the circumstances.

Giving young people the information and tools they need to stay safe

Though the majority of young people won’t be affected by CSE, being aware of the warning signs will help them to stay safe and stay away from older people who may be intending to exploit them.

Try to encourage your children to tell you who they are hanging around with and try to meet as many of their friends as possible. If there are any older people in the group, make sure your child knows that they shouldn’t be forced or coerced into doing anything that they are not comfortable with, no matter what the situation.

If you’re unsure about the warning signs of CSE, websites like the Rose Project are full of information and case studies where you can learn more about the issue and how it can affect your children.

Talking to children affected by CSE

If your child has been affected by CSE or has friends who have been affected by the issue, they can become withdrawn and it may be easier to direct them to online resources like the Rose Project or get in touch today on 0808 800 1037

That way they can find the information and support that they need in their own time and get in touch with people specially trained to help young people in this difficult situation.

To learn more about CSE or the Rose Project explore the rest of our website to find out more.