National Ugly Mugs Scheme

The National Ugly Mugs Scheme (NUM) enables sex workers to report crimes committed against them.  You can either report:

Through Doorway who are members of the NUM scheme.  Call free on 0808 800 1030 to make a report. A trained worker can do this with you over the phone.


You can become a member yourself through the NUM website at

(If you need help to join the scheme or to make a report, any of the Doorway team will help you to do this).

Reports are then put into an alert that goes out to other projects and sex workers to warn them of potential attackers.

Members of the NUM Scheme can receive alerts via SMS or email or by logging in through the website and Doorway will provide alerts to sex workers who are not members of the scheme.

NUM can also share details of the incident with Police but will only do this with consent from the victim and this will be anonymous.

Remember to write down all the details about an attack and attacker as soon as you can.

Attacks and abuse can be unpleasant and frightening.  Doorway can offer you support if you have been a victim of any unacceptable behaviour whilst working.  For example, mugging, robbery, burglary, abusive behaviour, rape or sexual assault.