Creative courses

We offer three 6-week interactive, accredited creative courses:

The courses are aimed at small groups of young people who are struggling with these issues and can be run in a variety of settings, including schools, youth groups and care homes. Young people are encouraged to explore the issues through creative activities and group discussion as well as personal reflection, which is then recorded and kept in their personal journal.

Healthy relationships – this course covers topics such as peer pressure, friendships, building positive relationships, abuse and exploitation, sexual relationships, consent, and self-esteem.

Exploitative relationships – this course covers topics such as grooming (both online and offline), sex and sexual assault, healthy/unhealthy relationships and self-esteem.

Internet risks – this course covers topics such as online grooming, social media, privacy and security settings, pornography, sexting, apps and webcam use.



“The staff were fantastic! They worked well with the students who attended and the students continue to talk about how important it was.

One of the students who attended has matured and changed her approach to relationships and how she sees herself and used what she learned to enhance her Btec Health and Social Care course and now wants to work in the care sector.

This is such a valuable course. Thank you.”

High School Staff Member