Jigsaw Education Programmes

The Jigsaw Education Programmes have been developed as part of our early intervention strategies for both Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and tackling Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). The project aims to use education as a vehicle for recognising and preventing exploitative relationships and harmful sexual behaviours.

The content has been designed to support the current Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum across Key Stages 2-5; address the themes detailed in Ofsted’s latest review of sexual abuse in schools and the governments’ Tackling VAWG strategy; and is informed by Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) and NSPCC guidance.

With a range of delivery modes and resources available, we ensure every session meets the needs of children and young people in various settings and at different stages.


These consist of interactive, engaging age-appropriate sessions, delivered to children and young people aged 9-25 in education settings, youth organisations and residential services. The content covers a range of topics, including:

  • identifying features of healthy relationships
  • recognising signs of abuse and coercion
  • the impact of harmful online content (sexualised content, misogyny, toxic masculinity etc)
  • safe sex (sexual health, consent & boundaries, rape culture, sexual violence & harassment etc)

There is also a emphasis on educating children and young people about what support services are available, and of the referral/reporting processes, aiming to equip young people with the skills, tools and confidence to recognise the signs of exploitative/harmful behaviours and make positive choices around their relationships.

As a trauma-informed organisation, we understand the importance of meeting young people where they are at. The workshops and resources are adapted as necessary to meet those with complex or additional needs, and alternative delivery modes are also available.

Creative Courses

For more targeted intervention, we offer 6-week creative courses. These are delivered in small groups and are aimed at children and young people at an increased risk of exploitative/harmful relationships and for whom more personalised support is required. With an emphasis on emotional literacy and resilience, these courses allow deeper exploration of themes covered by workshops in a more holistic, person-centred way.



Our most intensive support offering, the befriending service provides targeted 1:1 support similar to the Rose CSE provision, for those children and young people who don’t meet the screening threshold for ROSE. Utilising a trauma-informed approach, across the 6 sessions we aim to build a trusting relationship with children/young people to increase their knowledge and understanding of healthy vs. exploitative relationships; explore risks and impact of online harms; develop emotional resilience and self-esteem to promote wellbeing; and support them to access sexual health services where appropriate.


“The staff were fantastic! They worked well with the students who attended and the students continue to talk about how important it was.

One of the students who attended has matured and changed her approach to relationships and how she sees herself and used what she learned to enhance her Btec Health and Social Care course and now wants to work in the care sector.

This is such a valuable course. Thank you.”

High School Staff Member