Dispelling the Myths Around Trafficking

When you hear the term ‘people trafficking’ you probably imagine people being loaded onto lorries, boats or trains and smuggled into the UK from poorer parts of the world. Whilst this can be the case, a lot of British women are trafficked too, and they don’t even need to leave the country to become victims.

How the Internet has Changed the Face of Sex Work

Nowadays it seems you can do anything on the internet. From buying groceries to organising school runs and sending birthday cards, it’s hard to remember what life was like before smart phones and Google was the automatic go-to for anything and everything . Recent studies have shown that sex work is following the same trend, with websites offering ‘escort services’ and apps where clients and workers can rate or report each other growing rapidly. In this digital age it is much easier, and seemingly more secure, to advertise sexual services and for potential clients to make contact.