What we Offer

We want to help young people to have improved life chances and opportunities through engaging with the support and additional external support services.

Practitioners co-create a trusting relationship with young people, to ensure that a felt sense of safety is established.  This forms a secure foundation in which to be able to work with them to :

  • Understand what happened/is happening to them

  • Recognise exploitation, abuse, power and control

  • Rebuild their sense of who they are and their self-esteem

  • Move on with their lives, however they choose to

  • Understand what healthy relationships look like and what they want from relationships

  • Have confidence to have the kind of relationships they want to have, whatever these look like, online or in person

  • Develop skills in safety planning

  • Use the internet informed about the risk of people wishing to do harm and themselves to use it responsibly and not to cause harm

  • Develop coping skills and strategies and promote well-being and good mental health, and know where to go for help in the future

  • Promote good sexual health, and to access services like C-card (all practitioners are trained to register young people) and sexual health screening and contraception

  • Report and seek justice for what happened to them in the criminal justice system,  including support pre-, during and post-police investigation and during prosecution/trial of offenders (this is always the young person’s choice and we never put pressure on them to do this.)

Multi-Agency Working

We work closely with the young person’s social worker and their Multi-Agency Sexual Exploitation (MASE) worker from Norfolk Constabulary.

We attend child planning meetings, reviews, strategy discussions and child protection conferences.

We also work closely with the Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) team to ensure that children and young people do not fall through the gaps and to ensure they get the most appropriate service.

Our assessments and plans are person-centred with the emphasis on empowering individuals, enabling positive engagement in the assessment and in making sustainable positive change.


The young people design the support they want, for example, some may need support to get counselling or support with their mental health, others to get back in school or work, or with moving care homes.

Through the positive relationship we can support young people to reach out to other services and increase confidence in services.

We also refer to other organisations as part of our exit planning to ensure that young people have the support they need going forward.

How to refer a child/young person

We accept referrals for medium/high risk young people, referrals from social workers or MASE Police.

Contact roseproject@magdalenegroup.org for referral form or for more information.

For referrals from social workers from other local authorities, with young people placed in Norfolk, we have a spot purchase arrangement available.