How we can help you.....

Why you might be referred.

We are a small team that can work with you if you have been hurt by exploitation, or you may be referred if people have concerns about someone hurting you.


How we can help you.

If you have been referred to us,  

We want to support you to talk about and understand the concerns that professionals and others in your life may have that you are being or could be being sexually exploited. 

We want to get to know you and support you to work out who you are and feel better about yourself and to move on with your life, knowing that you are not to blame for what happened to you. 

We can talk about the things you want to talk about; when you’re ready. 

Some of the things we can talk about are what exploitation is and how perpetrators can act, what your rights are around sex and consent, exploring what healthy relationships are and your experiences, sexting and using online spaces 

We also want to support you to work out what works for you to look after your wellbeing and move on with your life and can help you think about your future plans. 


It’s up to you.

It is up to you if you want to work with us.

Your worker can meet up with you in a place that you can choose, and how often you would like. We are here to listen to you and make sure you are okay.

You design the support you want and we can also help you to get support for other things, like support with your mental health, getting back into school or work, or with moving placement.


Sexual Health.

Our workers are all trained to support young people with their sexual health and accessing services including the C Card (condom scheme) and to understand your rights as a young person and in relationships.

What other young people have said about our support :

‘I am more confident in myself now. I feel I can leave the past behind now, no matter what anyone else says…. things are better at home, between me and Mum’

‘It has given me the chance and space to talk openly without being judged’

‘I really enjoyed talking to you. I feel I now know more about healthy relationships and consent’