Meet The Team

Our Staff


Suzi Heybourne : Chief Executive Officer

Sara Plastow : Head of Quality

Vivienne Dennis : Resources Manager

Mette Ohrvik : Business & Operations Manager

Jade Todd : Team Leader

Doorway :

Beth McKay : Women’s Inclusion Practitioner

Natalie Mattin : Women’s Specialist Practitioner

Ellie Stenner : Women’s Specialist Practitioner

Rose :

Maria Novakova : CSE Practitioner

Lauren Harris : CSE Practitioner

Jacqueline Kovacevic : CSE Practitioner

Jigsaw :

Laura Watkins : Training & Education Lead

Our Trustees

Georgina Holloway : Chairman of Trustees

Rowland Cogman : Treasurer

Caroline Elliott : Trustee

Lucy Macleod : Trustee

Dr. Ngozi Elumogo : Trustee


Here are the thoughts of three long-serving and recently retired trustees :


“I have been volunteering for The Magdalene Group in the capacity of a Trustee for over 10 years.
I have watched it develop and grow. It has been exciting to see the new ways in which the charity has reached out, not only on the street but into schools, colleges, care homes for young people and into the community.
The risks around sexual exploitation have been brought into the light and more young adults and children are being supported.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it all.”  Barbara


“It has been an honour to represent such an outstanding charity both in the work it does for our most vulnerable women and young people coupled with its ethos of non-judgmental love and understanding.  I will continue to follow the work and progress of The Magdalene Group with the greatest of interest albeit from afar.”  Janice 


“‘What next?’ one asks as life’s milestones loom closer. `Formal retirement` approached – what could I contribute now, outside of work, and to whom?

Becoming a trustee for The Magdalene Group was one answer. My background in law, social policy and local communities seemed to be what the Board were looking for and so, very hesitantly, I said they could give me a try for a year…

More than ten years on, now the ‘experiment ‘ is over, I can honestly say that it has been very demanding but so rewarding. Playing a small part in this growing organisation – in its governance, its becoming a new legal entity, and its maturing in what it does so well – has been a very real privilege and inspirational.

The Magdalene Group’s focus on the “client” being at the centre of its work – not the “service” into which the bewildered client/patient/ customer has to fit into to move on  – this is the key. Modelling this in all the charity`s work – forming real and valued relationships with each person – is genuinely transformational and so needed, however difficult it is to make it a reality.

We can all experiment with `what next?` at whatever stage of life we are. It can be scary and stretching but it shapes the present and creates the future – for us as individuals, but hopefully as a trustee, for an organisation’s staff, for their colleagues in other organisations and for our community in the years ahead.

What an investment and, here at The Magdalene Group, what a harvest! Thank you, thank you!!

Nick Miller, Trustee of The Magdalene Group, 2011-2022

Our Patrons

The Reverend Julian Pursehouse, Chair of East Anglia District of the Methodist Church : Patron

Retired Chief Constable Simon Bailey, Norfolk Constabulary : Patron

The Right Reverend Graham Usher, Bishop of Norwich : Patron

The Right Reverend Peter Collins, Roman Catholic Bishop of East Anglia : Patron