Vision & Values

The Magdalene Group will improve the quality of individuals' lives through prevention services and by providing support to women and young people who are affected by sexual exploitation and coercion.

Annual Report 2017

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Values & Aims


The Magdalene Group is a value-driven charity seeking to make a real difference to the lives of the individuals we support.  We demonstrate this through our values:

  • Unconditional love and non-judgemental approach.
  • Compassion and believing change is possible for all.
  • Demonstrate social impact and be ‘change-makers’ to meet the needs of people on the margins of society.
  • Develop and nurture engagement and build relationships with clients, staff and volunteers.
  • Offering a range of high-quality services and actively seeking to work in partnership.


  • To provide support to help women manage their everyday lives.
  • To provide on-going individual support to enable women to make informed choices around working in and exiting sex work.
  • To ensure the wider community are better educated and informed about the underlying issues in relation to prostitution.
  • To work towards the prevention of exploitative relationships of women.
  • To work towards the prevention of child sexual exploitation and to support young people ‘at risk’ or who have experienced sexual exploitation.
  • To facilitate and empower people to realise their full potential.

The Beginnings

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