Announcement : The Magdalene Group & Barnardo’s

We realise that with any change, clarity is needed and so we wanted to share with you our agreed ways of working.
We encourage that all staff work together in order to achieve positive outcomes, with Deb being the lead for CSE work and allocation; Sylwia being the lead for Return Home Interview (RHI) work and allocation to include Sylwia and Becky.
The Rose Partnership is currently recruiting an administrator, to support the CSE, Missing and RHI work, who will be based at The Magdalene Group office and line managed by Sylwia.
We are encouraging a team ethos and presence in both The Magdalene Group office and at the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) in order to raise awareness and have opportunities to work with other agencies.
There will be times where we will all want to be involved in other areas of work and this very much relies on effective communication between us all.
We will all have responsibilities of our own that need respect and understanding, in order to effectively work together as a strong team and joint voice.
Our hope and passion is that our huge skill set and experiences sets us apart to deliver great outcomes for children, young people and their families, together.