Poetry from Elizabeth Shane


Sit with me, she whispered,
Help me gather the strength to take my footsteps onwards, out of these tangled webs.

Rest in downy softness my sweet one, take each breath, inhale the kindness, listen with compassion.

For each petal you shed in doubt, a new one shall flourish,
When your body is surrounded by swirling darkness,
the light is there besides you, fighting the battles inside that plague the mind into uncertainty.

I witness your search for answers,
For clarity,
To unlock the secrets of the past,
Sometimes, it is not in our dimension to understand all that was.
The interwoven threads that bind are inherently strong,
They may seem inseparable, a part of you deeply entwined from shadows of stories given,
It is not a flaw to have been bound by silence, for a fearful heart takes time to heal,
You are no longer encumbered by spinning strands –

Your voice has broken each layer, one by one,
In truth,
Through darkness,
With courage.

You have given colour to the fabric adorned upon you and shone the beacon for others,
In times of weariness, allow these thoughts to resonate with tenderness.

Your life holds special value, an important place in this world.

Far and wide, there are many who stand with you.
You may ponder who will carry you through, but know this –

It has always been you.

© Written by Elizabeth Shane – CSA Survivor (From Behind the Mask)