Suzy Lamplugh Trust Bystander Training

From The Suzy Lamplugh Trust :

"The Suzy Lamplugh Trust are delighted to announce that L’Oréal Paris is bringing its international training programme “Stand Up Against Street Harassment” to the UK, and the Trust has been chosen as the exclusive UK partner to deliver a series of free virtual one-hour training sessions over the course of 2022.

We experienced unprecedented demand for bystander training from both the business world and the general public after the tragic case of Sarah Everard. People and organisations wanted to take steps to address the prevalence of unwanted and aggressive behaviours such as harassment that underly the broader cycle of violence against women and girls, which the Trust has worked on since its inception over three decades ago. This partnership will allow the Trust to fulfil its objective of standing against harassment alongside the wider public.

The scale of harassment and similar unwanted behaviours is significant and the need to educate the public has never been more apparent:

• 80% of women in the UK have reported experiencing harassment in public spaces
• 75% of UK harassment victims said no one helped
• 93% of UK women and 90% of UK men believe there is lack of training on how to intervene
• 86% of UK witnesses who have intervened reported that their action improved the situation
• 86% of UK respondents say they did not intervene because they do not know what to do

This programme drives awareness of harassment, upskilling and empowering individuals across various settings such as schools, public transport, festivals, public spaces, and workplaces, to help defuse situations, discourage harassers, and support victims.

Sessions are an hour long and will be on offer from 28th March 2022, but the official announcement will not be made until early April 2022. We wanted to use this opportunity to reach out to our associates, partners, sponsors, funders, and key clients in advance and invite them to book early, as spaces are understandably limited in comparison to market demand.

Please find upcoming dates at our events page for individual bookings. Should you wish to book sessions for your workforce exclusively, please contact the Trust at "