‘What next?’ by Nick Miller, Trustee of The Magdalene Group, from 2011-2022

More than ten years on, now the `experiment ` is over, I can honestly say that it has been very demanding but so rewarding. Playing a small part in this growing organisation - in its governance, its becoming a new legal entity, and its maturing in what it does so well - has been a very real privilege and inspirational.

The Magdalene Group`s focus on the “client” being at the centre of its work – not the “service” into which the bewildered client/patient/ customer has to fit into to move on – this is the key. Modelling this in all the charity`s work – forming real and valued relationships with each person – is genuinely transformational and so needed, however difficult it is to make it a reality.

We can all experiment with `what next?` at whatever stage of life we are. It can be scary and stretching but it shapes the present and creates the future – for us as individuals, but hopefully as a trustee, for an organisation`s staff, for their colleagues in other organisations and for our community in the years ahead. What an investment and, here at The Magdalene Group, what a harvest! Thank you, thank you!! "

Nick Miller, Trustee of The Magdalene Group, from 2011-2022