Working with Women Sex Workers : Basis training

"Thank you once again for the training opportunity today with Basis.
I really enjoyed the content and the company.
I loved being able to reflect on the experience of the women working within the sex industry.
The opportunity for reflection from a person-centred approach , seeing her as an individual not defined by her career choice but seeing things from her perspective.
In particular I found the videos poignant , in hearing from the families of women and their experiences of barriers faced in seeking medical support as a result of experiencing stigma and societal judgement.
I gained a lot from analysing and reflecting on the many varied reasons why some women choose to work in this industry and why they may choose actively not to leave.
This exercise helped me feel connected to the women gaining this knowledge insight and I am grateful to have been given this opportunity."
Sarah Southgate, Volunteer

“Today’s training from Basis was really informative and insightful based on up-to-date research and thoughtful interactions with sex workers conducted daily and over many years. Tough topics were delivered with compassion and evidence based examples, and the conversations we had as a team based on the content delivered were invaluable.”
Sarah Finch, Volunteer