For countless years many organisations working in the sector of sexual abuse & violence were investing time, resources and funding into developing brilliant campaigns that were not getting far and wide enough to reach enough of the public. The campaigns we have seen have been so powerful and informative and they needed to be elevated.

There are many voices that often go unheard or with little recognition. This week is an opportunity for anyone that wants to use their voice to join a conversation with thousands of others. Together we can amplify the voices that should be heard, we can spotlight support services and we can engage those outside of our sector, in the discussion.

A designated week where we could all join in one big conversation would help get more coverage of the subject and a greater breadth of conversation.

During the Awareness Week, hundreds of events take place, both online and in person, all over the country to raise awareness of sexual abuse & violence. Organisations, charities, schools, businesses, community groups and individuals host events to promote healthy discussions with regards to sexual abuse & sexual violence as well as shine a spotlight on what is normally a very hidden subject.

If you are an individual, reach out to your local sexual violence organisation to see how you can get involved. Or feel free to join the conversation on social media, we can not truly measure the impact a retweet or share can have for someone in need of support.